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Stitch Club

Learn to Stitch - Drink Fabulous Coffee - Eat Yummy Cake - Chat
The Gently Art of Slow Stitching - Hand stitching is a lovely way to spend some time. In our fast paced lives, it forces us to slow down. 
Hand stitching can be meditative and contemplative when practiced alone but when practiced in a group, it can be a wonderful coming together of companionship, friendship, laughter and connection.

Stitch club, is a weekly chance to chill out, bring some hand stitching (or start some)  chat, be in good company, and drink coffee all at the same time.  if you've never stitched before, you can learn. Tuition, and materials are all included in the price. If you're an experienced stitcher, bring a project along and share in this genteel past time.  no need to book, just call in. 
I'd love you to join us, wether you sew already, or don't know one end of a needle from the other.

VENUE - THE ANGEL COFFEE HOUSE free school lane, LINCOLN CITY CENTRE (nr the library)
I'd love you to join the stitch club facebook group; HERE so even if you can't make the club, you join us on line

 please contact me if you would like any more information; e.mail -