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Live the Life you Imagine!

I’m Michaela, I’m a Textile Artist and Maker, working with textiles and hand stitching from my Lincolnshire Studio in the UK.

My work often uses typography and hand embroidery, I have a special partnership with my 1950’s baby Hermes typewriter (her name is Dorothy).  Together we type personalised hand bound notebooks and monogram prints.

I love to do things the old fashioned way, using tools and methods that haven’t changed for hundreds of years.  Updated and bought in to use to make modern products for you. 

It would be very easy  and more cost effective to print covers for my notebooks and then stitch them together, but somehow I can’t bring myself to make work this way. I have to hand paint and type each one. I’m not sure why, it’s just something within me that always wants to make as much as possible with my own hands. 

I love a monogram don’t you? Hand stitched Initials are my favourite thing to stitch.

As a maker it is important to me to be mindful of the impact my business has on the planet.  I consider carefully the materials I use,  wether that be  paper made from textile industry waste, or vintage linen threads and environmentally friendly packaging.


I also consider carefully the waste (offcuts) my work produces.  And how they can be re used.  I get a lot of long thin offcuts of beautiful cotton paper from my bookbinding work, so I love to weave them in to super useful and durable baskets.


Oh! And I have a thing with vintage I have a bit of a collection of vintage paper ephemera and haberdashery sooo, these often find their way in to my work too along with precious scraps of painted papers from my work

I have always loved working with my hands, and learning new skills, from embroidery, to upholstery, dressmaking, printing, silversmithing and even engine maintenance. A few years ago my husband was extremely ill. He’s very lucky to still be with us
 (all hail the NHS) Events like this sharpen the mind and bring what is truly important to you in to sharp relief.  I live by the mantra –

“ Live the life you Imagine”
And so for me, that is
Making – Selling – Teaching
Living in the countryside in a Victorian brick cottage with my family a dog.
some chickens and a logburner to keep us warm and
Days out and adventures in our Bell tent and 1969 VW Camper

“Live the life I Imagine”

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