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Live the Life you Imagine!
Hi, I'm Michaela, I'm a Textile Artist working mainly in Hand Embroidery and Book binding I am drawn to hand work, using few tools, following in the footsteps of craftsmen and women who have been before.  

I currently make a range of hand stitched coptic bound journals and sketchbooks, hand embroidered jewellery and hand embroidered sketches. I'm happy to take custom orders, so please do get in contact if you would like something made, just for you. I sell through my online shop on Etsy at some independent shops and also at local craft fairs.

I love passing the bug on to other people, I run a range of  classes in Lincolnshire and a weekly Wednesday stitch club in Lincoln.  click on the images below for more information.

I have always loved to make and work with my hands, since I was small.  My Dad is an Engineer and I loved being in his shed with him as a child, making a little wooden boat, or a swing and then when I was older working on my car with him and now, my Camper. 
I made clothes for my dolls, curtains for my Wendy house, dressing up outfits. I did any craft I could get my hands on! Embroidery, cross stitch, lacemaking, painting, drawing, sewing printing – I didn’t care as long as I was making something and especially if I was learning a new skill. 

I haven’t changed, I am more focused in my work now (sometimes) but I still love to attend workshops with textile artists. I still have a great appetite for learning new skills. I have been learning traditional upholstery for many years – I love the traditional way of doing things, with hands and materials and tools that haven’t changed for hundreds of years. 
My day to day work is focused on stitching, particularly hand embroidery.  Taking this very traditional skill that has been practiced for centuries  and using it in a 21 Century way. A way people still want to own. But using those same tools and indeed the same stitches that have been practiced for years. Continuing a long line of stitchers before me.

To complement my embroidered work (currently jewellery) I am also learning silversmithing skills.  I’m keen to merge the art of silver and stitch together and not be constrained by fittings that I can buy, but instead, use fire and metal to create my own, I love to watch the silver when it runs.

My philosophy in life is to ‘live the life you imagine’
So for me, that is;
Making – Stitching – Selling – Teaching.
Living in the countryside in a Victorian brick cottage, with a dog and some chickens, a logburner to keep warm.
Days out and adventures in our Bell tent and Camper – campfire cooking.
I always felt like this, but since my husband’s illness, it has become even more important to me to:- 

“Live the life I Imagine”

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